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If the time has come to replace your existing air conditioning unit, you may want to consider a unit that is affordable or energy-efficient with a High Seer Rating, with Florida’s summer temperatures and humidity it is necessary to have your A/C unit properly sized for your home, (Larger is not always better). A properly sized central air conditioning unit is important, not only will it cost less to operate but it will run more efficient and therefore last longer.

At Air Stream Air Conditioning our goal is to educate our customers to help them make better decisions regarding the care and service of their equipment. Please give us a call if you are interested in a new central air conditioning installation, or just need a quote.

Too large a unit will not adequately remove humidity. Too small a unit will not be able to attain a comfortable temperature on the hottest days. Improper unit location, lack of insulation, and improper duct installation can greatly diminish efficiency. Central air conditioners are more efficient than room air conditioners. In addition, they are out of the way, quiet, and convenient to operate. To save energy and money, you should try to buy an energy-efficient air conditioner and reduce your central air conditioner’s energy use.

Today’s best air conditioners use 30% to 50% less energy to produce the same amount of cooling as air conditioners made in the mid 1970s. Even if your air conditioner is only 10 years old, you may save 20% to 40% of your cooling energy costs by replacing it with a newer, more efficient model.

When buying an air conditioner, it is recommended to look for a model that is a high efficiency unit. Central air conditioners are rated according to their seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER). SEER indicates the relative amount of energy needed to provide a specific cooling output. Many older systems have SEER ratings of 6 or less. The minimum SEER allowed today is 13. One should consider using air conditioning equipment with higher SEER ratings for greater savings.



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