A/C Maintenance Plans

Air conditioning accounts for 27 percent of the energy consumed in the average Florida home, but you can lower that percentage by enrolling in a preventive maintenance plan. Just as your car runs more efficiently when serviced routinely, your cooling system benefits from regular care too. According to research conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), well-maintained A/C systems are an average of 15 to 20 percent more efficient than neglected systems.

Air Stream A/C Maintenance Plans

Every Air Stream maintenance service visit includes a thorough inspection of your air conditioning system, from a check on the refrigerant charge to an evaluation of the system’s cooling performance. Our expertise in electrical issues ensures that high-voltage wiring and connects are safely inspected and adjusted as well. You can be confident that every component of your A/C system will receive professional attention when you sign up for one of our preventive A/C maintenance plans.

Our Silver Protection Plan costs just $75.00 each year and includes one comprehensive tune-up for your air conditioning system. Priced at just $119.00, our Gold Protection Plan features two complete tune-ups each year for optimal savings. With either plan, you’ll enjoy priority scheduling whenever you need service or repairs.

Adding Up Your Savings

Energy savings is just one of the reasons that it makes sense to sign up for an Air Stream preventive maintenance plan. Regularly scheduled tune-ups allow our skilled technicians to identify and resolve potential problems too, which can save you from a costly repair down the road. Should you ever need repair service while enrolled in one of our maintenance plans, you’ll enjoy a 15-percent discount as well. Properly maintained systems also last up to twice as long, offering you long-term savings.

Serving the Tampa Bay Area since 1979, Air Stream is your trusted source for products and services that save you money and enrich your comfort at home and work. Whether you need maintenance service for your air conditioner or the installation of a new lighting fixture, wiring or electrical outlet, you can count on the expertise of our knowledgeable technicians for fast and efficient service.


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